Mobile transmission with a π-box V-2

How to set a mobile transmission with a V-2


What you will need

So with all that you can have : a mobile π-box on battery, connected to a mobile hotspot, a battery powered microphone ! all the functions of the π-box can be used : radio, streaming, etc ...

Prepare and set up the mobile transmission

Prepare your antenna

Prepare an antenna you can carry with you.
Connect it to the π-box as usual (GPIO4 + ground).

Prepare your sound source

In this example, we will use a Zoom H4.

Start the Zoom. Connect it to the usb sound card, or use it as a usb sound card of the π-box.

Start a hotspot

Start a hot spot with your smartphone or 3G/4G modem.

Connect the π-box to the battery

It will start the π-box. You can now connect to the access point of the π-box and sets the audio routing, and the wifi, by indicating in the good fields the WiFi ssid and password.

Done !

You can now test on your computer to see if you receive the stream, or with a radio to see if you receive the signal on the FM !

Now you're ready for a mobile transmission ! ideal for the countryside, mountains or demonstrations !