How to stream with Traktor

Here a quick tutorial on how to stream with Traktor, a classic dj tool from NI
-- Thx ES/NN for the screehsots and step by step instructions --

1. First : open the preferences panel, by clicking on the gear wheel next to the magnifying-glass, top right of the Traktor window

2. Go to the Broadcasting section

3. Broadcast

Now to broadcast, just click on the small antenna.

The button will blink until the connexion is established. Once the butto becomes blue and stops to blink, the connextion is active, and you are now streaming on the server.

check the server page to find you stream, monitor with the vumeter to adjuste your levels.

4. Sound settings (additional)

Warning : Traktor initialy manages only one sound card. If you need to connect several sound cards, to manage various inputs/outputs, you shall download the ASIO4ALL drivers (WIN) :

Put your self offline to access a box next to the icons, next to the clock (bottom right of the task menu)

You can now emulate a virtual sound card, composed of many virtual external sound cards. Retreive it in the Traktor/Preferences/AudioSetup, to route your needed inputs into Traktor/Paramètres/Input and/or Output Routing.

To optimize quality and latency, adjust the samples quality, the buffer offset, and the option : resample / Force 16 bit.